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On this page we will show You few grades which were given to us by our clients.

Company acronym: T.T.D. Inc. 
Company description: Repair facility in Canada - Alberta. 
Service manager: Christopher A. 
Truck ECM TuneUps is a great, and professional company to work with. Their tunes are rock solid and have no   down time
after the truck  has  been  tuned.  They  have  very  reasonable
prices. Also the ECM does not have to leave the truck  to  get
tuned (we do everything through internet).
Chris A. . 

Company acronym: W.C. 
Company description: One of the biggest fleets in Canda. Owning and operating more than 250 trucks, with mostly Cummins engines.  
Service manager: Kristen W. 
We have done many tunes over the last few years and not one complaint. The ease of install saves time and money, we just plug in and ECM Tunes takes over. All units notice more power and better fuel economy, its about the money you save not the money spent on repairs and fuel.

Company acronym: 
M.F.D. Inc.  
Company description: Repair facility in USA. 
Service manager: Michael F. . 
I have been working with ecm tune ups on ecm up grades and deletes they run fantastic and have no problems great mpg and the best part is no check engine lights or complications. In my opinion far superior to the others.
Michael F. 

Company acronym: P.I.O.I.  
Company description: Repair facility in USA. 
Service manager: Richy 
I have a repair shop and have used ecm tune ups for numerous modified tunes and to this day have had no issues. I have used  tunes on various makes and models without a single issue. I highly recommend their services.

Company acronym: WDB Trucking 
Company description: Truck fleet in USA.
Service manager: W.Berube 
The tune I purchased was exactly as described . I chose a conservative horsepower increase and was amazed on the engine response .  My fuel mileage increased  from 5.95 to 6.73  on my cat C-15  in a 379 Pete . My other tractor has a ISX in it and after the tune all the problems went away. The fuel mileage increased in that engine by at least a .75 mpg .. My other driver loves the power and it has drastically reduced  his down shifting ..  . The fuel savings in itself will be paying for the tunes ..   Keep up the great work .

Company acronym: D.J.T.
Company description: Truck fleet in USA.
Service manager: Dave J. 
I had many issues with DPF EGR systems on my trucks. I own and operate fleet of 50 trucks. Most of them are CAT C15 SDP and CUMMINS ISX CM871. I did tune both types and the trucks are totally different story. They pull a lot better, MPG is better (in avrage 1 MPG more). I do not have any issues on DPF EGR systems any more. No regens, no derates.
Good thing is that there is no need for any hardpart change with these tunes. I love them and def.recommend them.

Company acronym: M.T.R. Inc.
Company description: Truck repair & tuning shop
Service manager: Richard L.
I've been using Cummins tunes from one of most popular company in this business, and I've had tons of issues with too much power, burned head gaskets and so on. ECM TuneUPs fixed all that from me, and I decided to use them for all the tunes I need.
Their dealer price is even lower than competitors, and the QUALITY of tunes is at least 200% better.
I only have good words for support. When ever I call them, they are there. The owner of company even fixed some of my computer issues, free of charge, so thanks for that.
Every possible recommendation for them!

Company acronym: D.P.O.T. Inc.
Company description: Truck tuning shop
Service manager: Greg T.
What can I say but that I am EXTREMLY proud to be authorized dealer for Truck ECM TuneUPs. They might not be the oldest company in this business, but for sure they are the best. When ever someone has issues with poorly done tune (by someone else), they come to me, and Truck ECM TuneUPs, we both make the PROBLEM GO AWAY. That's why we are the best! My friend, S., keep up the good work!
You and Your company have the best recommendations from me.





* All product are intended for off-road use in competition only, and are not to be used on public roads or highways. 
We don't take any responcibility where & how will You use the ECM, or will You or will You not remove the DPF/EGR/CGI from vechile. 
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