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ECM Tuning - DPF EGR UREA deletes
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Cummins X15 X12 delete tunes are under develop. Very soon we will be able to do them online. Email us, so we can put You on newsletter list.

Visit our BLOG in order to get a lot of interesting informations & texts. Click here.

Paccar MX-13 DPF-SCR-DEF online delets available.

Detroit Diesel DDEC10 (EPA10) DPF-SCR-DEF online deletes available

Volvo D11F, D11H, D13F, D13H, D16F, D16H
Mack MP7, MP8, MP10
DPF-EGR-DEF-SCR deletes available.
Everything is done ONLINE.




Cummins® is the registered trademark of Cummins engine company.
Caterpillar® is the registered trademark of Caterpillar Inc.
Detroit Diesel® is the registered trademark of Detroit Diesel Corp. 
Hino® is the registered trademark of Hino Motors.
Internationa Navistar® is the registered trademark
Volvo® is the registered trademark
Mack® is the registered trademark
Paccar® is the registered trademark of Paccar Inc

All other trademarks and copyrights are property of their respective owners.

Off-highway tunes(DPF-EGR-CGI-DEF-UREA-VGT-VNT... deletes) are intended for off-road use in competition only, and is not to be used on public roads or highways. 
The BUYER is responsible to obey all applicable federal, state, and local laws, statutes, and ordinances when operating his/her vehicle(including emission related laws), and the BUYER agrees to hold SELLER(and its employees, directors, successors, sub-contractors, business associates, affiliates) harmless from any violation thereof.
Under no circumstances will the SELLER(us) be liable for any damage, expenses or personal injury incurred by reason of the use, sale or test of any kind of product.

Any ECM that we tune for our dealers(online), MUST be labeled with a sticker, which will
tell that the ECM is intended for OFFROAD-RACING usage only, and that it is not intended for on highway use.

We don't sell any of our product to final customers, we only sell them to our dealers. The dealers are obligated to inform final customer about the terms of the disclaimer, off-road racing usage only...and all other aspects of our agreement with them.

Please make sure that You've read & understood this warning before installing or purchasing any of products.


All content of this web site is protected by  copyright. Any adaptation, reproduction or distribution is strictly prohibited unless it is authorized by web site staff. 

Exclusion of Liability

We don't warrant the accuracy, relevance or reliability of the website's contents, nor does it guarantee that the contents will be available without errors or omissions. 
The information contained in this website under no circumstances will be construed as a legal opinion and website(or its owner, employees, directors, successors, sub-contractors, business associates, affiliates) is not responsible for any usage thereof.

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